Personnel in 2010

The number of full-time equivalent staff decreased to 6,844 employees (7,087) as at 31 December 2010. In P&C insurance, the number of staff mainly decreased in the Baltic and Russian operations and in Norway. In life insurance, the number of staff increased slightly both in Finland and the Baltics.

During 2010, approximately 92 per cent of the staff worked in P&C insurance, 7 per cent in life insurance and 1 per cent in the parent company Sampo plc.

Geographically, 31 per cent worked in Finland, 27 per cent in Sweden, 22 per cent in Norway and 20 per cent in the Baltic countries, Russia, Denmark and other countries. The average number of employees during 2010 was 6,914, which compares to an average of 7,311 during 2009.

During the last few years, a constant theme in If P&C has been to strengthen the competence of its employees and to increase employee engagement and commitment. To accelerate this work even more If P&C launched during 2010 a strategic theme called ‘Skills and Initiatives'. The aim of the initiative is to influence the culture of the company to even more emphasize competence building, innovation and customer focus, the pillars of the company´s value creation.

In Mandatum Life, the main areas for HR policy in 2010 were building the company's working culture and focusing on cooperation, customer skills and high quality leadership.

Further information on staff in Sampo Group is available in the Personnel section of the Annual Report..


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