Shares and Share Capital

As at 31 December 2010, Sampo plc had 561,282,390 shares, which were divided into 560,082,390 A shares and 1,200,000 B shares.

According to the company's Articles of Association, A Shares must number at least 179,000,000 and no more than 711,200,000. Meanwhile, B shares must number at least zero and no more than 4,800,000. Each A share entitles the holder to one vote and each B share entitles the holder to five votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders. As at 31 December 2010 Sampo plc's share capital amounted to EUR 98 million (98).

Sampo A shares have been quoted on the main list of the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki since 1988 and all of the B shares are held by Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company. B shares can be converted into A shares at the request of the holder.

At the end of the financial year, Sampo plc didn't hold any of its own A shares. Neither did the other Group companies hold any shares in the parent company.

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