Corporate Governance Statement

Sampo has published a Corporate Governance Statement in fulfillment of the requirement referred to in the Finnish Securities Markets Act.

Corporate Governance Statement


Sampo has published a Salary and Remuneration Report on its website in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code. Sampo aims to offer a competitive package both for the management and employees.


Board of Directors and the Committees

The Board of Directors, elected annually by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), uses the highest decision making power in Sampo Group between the AGM's. The Board has an Audit Committee and a Nomination and Compensation Committee, whose members it appoints from its midst in accordance with the charters of the respective committees.

Composition of the Board
Board-appointed Committees

Group Executive Committee

Sampo Group Executive Committee supports the Group CEO in the preparation of strategic issues relating to Sampo Group, in the handling of operating matters that are significant or involve questions of principle, and in ensuring a good internal flow of information.

Composition of the Executive Committee

Corporate Governance

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