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Sampo Group
CEO's Review
2010 in Figures
Group Structure
Business Areas
P&C Insurance
Life Insurance
Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Statement
Board of Directors
Board of Directors' Duties
Election and Terms of Office of Board Members
Board-Appointed Committees
Audit Committee
Nomination and Compensation Committee
Group Executive Committee
Group Executive Committee's Duties
Group CEO and President
Internal Audit
Insider Administration
External Auditor
Board of Directors' Report
Sampo Group in 2010
Business Areas in 2010
P&C Insurance in 2010
Life Insurance in 2010
Associated Company Nordea Bank Ab
Holding in 2010
Changes in Group Structure
Annual General Meeting
Governance in 2010
Corporate Responsibility in 2010
Personnel in 2010
Management Incentive Schemes
Risk Management in 2010
Shares, Share Capital and Shareholders
Shares and Share Capital
Authorizations Granted to the Board
Financial Standing
Internal Dividends
Group Solvency
Debt Financing
Events after the End of the Reporting Year
Outlook for 2011
The Most Significant Risks to Operations
Dividend Proposal
Key Figures 2010
Calculation of the Key Figures
Group Key Figures
P&C Insurance Key Figures
Life Insurance Key Figures
Per Share Key Figures
Risk Management
Earnings Logic and Risks
Risk Management Process
Risk Governance Framework
Capital Management Process
P&C Insurance Risks
Premium and Catastrophe Risks
Reserve Risk
Life Insurance Risks
Biometric Risks
Discount Rate Risk in Technical Provisions
Other Life Insurance Risks
Life Insurance Risk Management
Market Risks
ALM risks
Investment Portfolio Risks
Credit Risks
Credit Risk Management
Credit Risks Related to Reinsurance Counterparties
Liquidity Risks
Operational Risks
Risk Management in Sampo Group
Risk Management in P&C Insurance
Risk Management in Life Insurance
Group Level Risks
Internal Capital Measures
Sensitivity Analysis
Regulatory Criteria
Rating Agency Criteria
Risk Management Outlook
Financial Statements
Group's IFRS Financial Statements
Consolidated Comprehensive Income Statement, IFRS
Consolidated Balance Sheet, IFRS
Statement of Changes in Equity
Statement of Cash Flows
Notes to the Accounts
Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
Segment Information
Notes to the Income Statement
1 Insurance premiums written
2 Net income from investments
3 Claims incurred
4 Change in liabilities for insurance and investment contracts
5 Staff costs
6 Other operating expenses
7 Result analysis of P&C insurance
8 Performance analysis per class of P&C insurance
9 Eearnings per share
10 Financial assets and liabilities
Notes to the Balance Sheet
11 Property, plant and equipment
12 Investment property
13 Intangible assets
14 Investments in associates
15 Financial assets
16 Fair values
17 Determination and hierarchy of fair values
18 Movements in level 3 financial instruments measured at fair value
19 Sensitivity analysis of level 3 financial instruments measured at fair value
20 Investments related to unit-linked insurance contracts
21 Deferred tax assets and liabilities
22 Taxes
23 Components of other comprehensive income
24 Tax effects relating to components of other comprehensive income
25 Other assets
26 Cash and cash equivalents
27 Liabilities from insurance and investment contracts
28 Liabilities from unit-linked insurance and investment contracts
29 Financial liabilities
30 Provisions
31 Employee benefits
32 Other liabilities
33 Contingent liabilities and commitments
34 Equity and reserves
35 Related party disclosures
36 Incentive schemes
37 Auditors' fees
38 Legal proceeding
39 Investments in subsidiaries
40 Investments in shares and participations other than subsidiaries and associates
41 Events after the balance sheet date
Sampo plc Financial Statements
Parent Company Income Statement
Parent Company Balance Sheet
Parent Company Statement of Cash Flows
Notes to the Parent Company Financial Statements
Auditor's Report
Financial information and Annual General Meeting 2011

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