Life Insurance Risk Management

Biometric risks are managed by careful risk selection, by pricing that reflects the risks and costs, by setting upper limits for the protection granted and by use of reinsurance.

Reinsurance is used to limit the amount of individual mortality and disability risks. The Board of Directors annually determines the maximum amount of risk to be retained for the company's own account, which for Mandatum Life is EUR 0.5 million per insured. To mitigate the effects of possible catastrophes, Mandatum Life participates in the catastrophe reinsurance bought jointly by Finnish life insurance companies.

Risk selection is part of the day-to-day business routines in Mandatum Life. Mandatum Life's Underwriting Policy sets principles for risk selection and limits for sums insured. Compliance with the principles and limits set in the Underwriting Policy is monitored continuously.

The risk result is followed actively and analysed thoroughly annually. Mandatum Life measures the efficiency of risk selection and adequacy of tariffs by collecting information about the actual claims expenditure for each product line and each type of risk and comparing it to the claims expenditure assumed in insurance premiums of every risk cover. Also administration and acquisition expenses are monitored annually.

Technical provisions are analyzed and the possible supplement needs are assessed regularly. Assumptions related to the technical provisions are reviewed annually. Adequacy of technical provisions is tested quarterly. Tariffs for new policies are set, the Underwriting Policy and assumption used in calculating technical provisions are updated based on adequacy tests and risk result analysis. Tariffs and prices, as well as the reinsurance principles and reserving principles are reviewed and approved annually by the Board of Directors of Mandatum Life.

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