Sampo Group

Risk Management Process

The core competences of Sampo Group´s business are skillful pricing of risks, selection of risks and proper risk management. A high quality risk management process is a necessary prerequisite for successful business.


Risk Management Process

Underwriting Risks

With respect to the underwriting businesses correlations between If P&C's non-life business and Mandatum Life's life business are negligible and, consequently, business lines as such are contributing diversification benefits rather than concentration risks.


P&C Insurance Risks
Life Insurance Risks


In 2010 the total amount of Sampo Group's combined investment was EUR 18.3 billion. The total average investment return of the Group's combined investment portfolios (including Sampo plc) was 8.7 per cent. The insurance subsidiaries and the parent company have a common Group-wide infrastructure for investment management as well as performance and risk reporting.


Investment Portfolio Risks


In 2010 risks and the respective capital requirements (economic capital) in Sampo Group are assessed internally. The most significant risk areas for Sampo Group (incl. Nordea holding) in terms of economic capital were credit and market risks. The amount of adjusted solvency capital (EUR 8.5 billion) compared to economic capital (EUR 4.3 billion) was adequate.

Credit Risks
Market Risks

Risk Management