Sampo plc

Sampo plc's A shares have been quoted on the main list of the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki since 1988. The company acts as Sampo Group's parent company with its two main subsidiaries engaged in P&C and life insurance, If P&C and Mandatum Life respectively. In addition Sampo plc held on in February 2011 approximately 21.3 per cent of the share capital of Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordic countries. Nordea is an associated company to Sampo plc.

Sampo plc employed on average 52 persons in 2010. The company coordinates investment operations, capital allocation, risk management, Group accounts, investor relations as well as legal and fiscal matters in the Group.

Sampo plc's holding in Nordea exceeded 20 per cent in late 2009. The year 2010 was the first year when Nordea was accounted as an associated company in Sampo Group's accounts. Nordea's net profit is shown on the face of Sampo Group's profit and loss account on a separate line. Nordea holding's impact on the growth of Group's profit in 2010 was significant.

During 2010 Sampo plc increased its holding in Nordea only marginally by approximately 20 million shares which amounts to an increase of 0.4 per cent in the holding.

In February 2011 Sampo plc bought additional 30 million shares in an auction organized by the Swedish state. This transaction increased Sampo plc´s holding to 21.3 per cent.

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